Oh hey there. I’m Dawn. I’m a recovering carb addict.

After struggling almost my entire adult life with a steadily increasing yo-yo weight, I’ve finally gotten pissed enough to do something about it. In the past 5 years, I’ve seen some success with Atkins/low-carb. I’ve tried Mediterranean, Sonoma, South Beach. I had a brief foray (maybe a week) into counting Weight Watcher points. I spent a crap load of wasted money on one of those strip mall weight loss programs, where they sell you juice and energy bars, then steadily cut your calories until you are clinically starving, THEN berate you and call you a loser and a cheat because you are sick and lifeless and steadily gaining back everything you lost.  Each time, I lost some, gained some or all weight back, and cycled again.

Yes, I am was pathetic.  The morning after hosting a Super Bowl 2011 party, I woke up bloated, sick to my stomach, and (no lie) 4 pounds heavier than the day before. I kicked sugar and grains to the curb, and took my first step toward a primal/paleo lifestyle.  The scale that morning read 237 point something. (That is so freakishly embarrassing to write, but there it is. Suck on it, scale. You will never be there again.)

Am I there yet? Nope. But I’m trying. I’m more “there” than “not there”, but I’m human.

Stick around. Learn with me. If I can do this, and I’m going to damn sure try, then anybody can.  My goal is to be as lean and strong and sexy and healthy as I can.

Oh yeah, and thanks Mom.  It’s your fault I’m doing this. That little journal in the easter basket for keeping track of my efforts?  Paper is SO yesterday.


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