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After my brief plateau, I renewed my commitment to eating clean. I think it’s working. The scale indicates so, anyway. I’ve dropped a couple pounds.

Other than a few tablespoons of flour that was used to make a great huge pot of stew, which has been shared with my husband over the past 3 days, I’ve had no wheat. All of my sugar intake has been in the form of fruit – a small banana a day, typically. I’ve increased my vegetable intake slightly, and added a bit of volume to breakfast. Three eggs instead of two, typically, though I’ve found that I’m just a bit tired of eggs lately. So I’ve been eating leftovers more often for breakfast. I also started drinking coconut milk again, about 4-8 ounces per day, and snacking on macadamia nuts instead of mixed nuts. My chocolate intake is back to one square of an 85% chocolate bar for a treat.

The goal is as close as possible to 8 pounds lost over the next 28 days. My parents are coming to visit. 🙂