I have hit a brick wall in my weight loss. The past month has seen an average loss of less than a half pound per week. The past two weeks, and especially this last week, the trend has actually been a small gain per week. Can’t have that. Time to re-evaluate.

I can think a few possibilities why my trend has stopped or sort of reversed. The most obvious is that I’ve likely “cheated” too many times. Awww, a little bit of breading on the pork chop won’t hurt. A small portion of ice cream won’t hurt. The entire Hershey dark chocolate bar won’t hurt. The medium size latte doesn’t have that much sugar in it. Except they do when it adds up over the course of a week.

Another potential cause is the hidden sugars. In the past, I’ve tried very hard to keep my sugar intake limited to condiments. I really don’t want to give up my beloved BBQ sauce. And steak sauce really does sometimes make it better.

One more potential cause is that I really haven’t been as good about veggie intake as I should. Because it’s cheap, and easy, a bag of frozen corn hits the grocery cart better than a pound of fresh whatever. And let’s face it, the budget has been in a serious crunch lately.

Lastly,  I know I’m not getting the essential fats I should be getting. Oh, my eggs are still fried in a combo of butter or ghee with coconut oil. Yes, totally yum. But I’m not taking care to make sure I get the extras. Like the avocados. Do I trim the fat off my steak? Heck no. But it isn’t grass fed either, because I can’t afford to buy a half or even quarter cow all at once. (There is a local source, however. Along with local eggs. And raw milk, but only in one gallon sizes. I just don’t drink enough of it.)

I’m going to increase my efforts here over the next month. My parents may be coming to visit, and I would really like to be as close as possible to my magic number. As of this morning, I’m still 10 pounds away. So. Less cheating, less hidden sugars, better vegetable choices, and more good fats. Sounds like a good start (again) to me.