It’s a beautiful day today, and thank goodness it’s a real weekend for me.

I spent about 45 minutes outside during the very early afternoon doing some basic yardwork. Mostly pulling weeds and cleaning out a few flower beds, which is something that I’ve been sorely neglecting for far too long. And, since I screwed up the programming on my irrigation system, the grass has been suffering and the weeds were taking over.

When I noticed that my skin was turning a rather pretty shade of pink, I called it quits for awhile. It wasn’t exactly exercise, although I suppose it qualifies for “not sitting on my butt” activity. Lots of up and down squatting and frog crawling around the yard. But, that 45 minutes should have dosed me up with the Vitamin D for today. I plan on going back out later this evening when the sun isn’t quite so harsh. Still have lots more weeds to pull, stunted grass to mow, a couple of sprinkler heads to fix, and a weedy garden to tend to. I think the veggies will be a loss this year.

It is nice to see my farmer’s tan coming back again though!