I am paying for my sins today. Yes, I am.

The family wanted to meet for dinner last night. They all wanted pizza. I knew better, but I went along anyway. I could minimize the damage.

I tried to be good with a salad, but the salad dressings were the sickly thick and sweet cream dressings. Even the Italian dressing. Nevertheless, I loaded my little plate with all kinds of veggies, dumped some white goop on there, and went on. Then there were the wings. I had no idea the boneless buffalo wings were reconstituted chopped up chicken parts with more breading than meat. I shouldn’t even mention the pizza. I had one slice. I mean, the damage was already done, right? At least I had unsweetened iced tea.

So, want to know how to gain 3 pounds in one day? Follow the recipe above. I’m hoping the fact that my digestive system is doing its best to expel the nasties will help. Otherwise, it’s coffee and water for me until dinner.

Each lesson helps to reaffirm the last.