Progress has been slow, but I’m still moving forward. I had a really slow week and a half where my weight loss just stopped. Seriously, my trend line flattened. I was half-tempted to call in life support. 🙂  But then, over the past 4 days or so, I had a mini-whoosh. And my trend is back to where I like to see it. More importantly, the mini-whoosh put me close enough to my intermediate goal (under 10 pounds), that I felt ok to shift the line. That made me feel pretty good.

I also added another incentive to that new goal. When I hit it (not if, when), I get to cut my hair. I’ve had medium to long hair for so long, I have no idea what the back of my neck looks like. When I get skinny enough, I’m getting a Halle Berry do. Short and spiky and flirty and sassy. I figure I’ll be un-fat enough to be able to pull it off. 😉 That’s less than 30 pounds from now.

As long as I can keep a final picture in mind, with clear goals and rewards, I will be able to maintain my progress. I know it won’t be constant, and will probably slow down the closer I get to my goal, but I’ll get there. And eating like this? Makes it relatively easy.