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Oh yes, I am one out of shape gal. I am relatively strong in the arms and legs, terribly weak in my core, and have little to no cardio stamina whatsoever.

In other words, I didn’t even make it all the way through the first DVD.

It doesn’t help that every time I got down on the floor for something, like a push-up or a plank, or the “bow to boat” routine, the dog thought it was an invitation to play. Doing push-ups are really hard when a big dog thinks it’s wrestle time. But with about 25 minutes left to go, I was done anyway. I was a gasping, dripping, puddle of worn out goo.  I will hurt tomorrow.

But you know what? I don’t care. I don’t care that I didn’t finish the DVD today. I don’t care that I probably won’t get through all of tomorrow’s DVD either. My body will take what it can take, and when I’m ready to quit, it’s ok. If I can’t do a DVD every day, it’s ok.

It’s still more than what I’m doing now, which is primarily sitting on my ass. Yes, eating well is 80% of living a healthy life, exercise is the other 20%. I shouldn’t be throwing away that 20%.  I’ll do what I can, and work toward improving. Everything. I can do it. One step at a time. Eventually, I’ll be able to do it all.

By the way. BIG endorsement for Zico coconut water. Found it at a local grocer. Pricey, so not an every day thing, but it hit the spot after my exercise.