And I know it. I just don’t have the energy to stop the slide today.

It has just been one of those days. We all have them. (At least I hope I’m not the only one.)  Instead of having the golden touch, I have the black touch today. Nearly everything I have touched today has either broken or failed or turned out completely opposite from expectations. Practically nothing has gone right.

In addition to me being rather grumpy about anything and everything, there had been a small party at work today. So our mini kitchen has a table full of pasta salad and potato chips and hot dogs and cookies and cake. Never mind the fact that if I had even tried to cook anything to bring to work, I probably would have burned the house down.

I’m resigned to the fact that the sugar will have had its seductive ways with me today, and I will just have to start from scratch tomorrow. Tomorrow is always a chance to improve what I failed at today, right?

Now where the hell is that double chocolate cake? If I’m falling into the depths of sugar hell, I may as well enjoy the ride down!