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I’ve been pretty good since returning home from vacation. In fact, my latest weekly trend shows me down almost 2 pounds in the last week. The raw data from the scale this morning showed me at my lowest weight since college. I haven’t been this small since I was still cramming for finals. I’m actually only 10 pounds from my intermediate goal. (I told my father how much I’m down to now, and got “holy shit girl” for a response. Haven’t seen the folks other than on Skype for 9 months now. That’s what happens when family is 1500 miles away.)

Anyway, since I hit a good round number, and my boss’s boss was in town for a fun visit, and there was a casual office dinner get-together, and I’ve been really good lately….

I splurged.

For my entree, I had halibut with steamed veggies. Ok, so the fish was stuffed with shrimp and crab and brie, and then baked with a white wine sauce. It wasn’t that bad. I added a salad with a house creamy italian dressing, and was able to pass the plate of bread without taking a single slice.

But the two glasses of zinfandel, plus a few bites of the cheesecake I shared with the hubs, plus the tiny little bowl of chocolate pudding for a late night snack probably all made up for it.

Hey, if we can’t celebrate little things and splurge once in a while, this all isn’t worth it. Besides, when the big-wig I haven’t seen for a few years says to me “Wow, you look really good.”, I think I can handle a tiny little reward night.