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Yes, the vacation recovery continues. I think I’ll be alright, with not too much of a blip. After a couple days inputting my morning scale weight, my trend shows I only gained one pound. Last night, I weighed less than I did when I woke up yesterday morning. Yes, that’s progress. Finally draining off some of the water weight I gained during the past week or two. I’m about a half pound away (by trend) of where I was when we left.

Of course, since we’re not eating out now, I find my portions the past few days have been considerably smaller. I really wonder how much portion size really has to do with it? Even though I’ve re-abstained from grains and sugar, I do notice that I’m simply eating less the past few days. Although I think for the most part the “calories in, calories out” idea is bunk, common sense says sheer volume should have something to do (even a small bit) with weight gain and loss. Restaurant portions are big, no doubt. I eat less at home, and am obviously more active during the process of getting it prepared. (Standing and chopping and stirring and setting the table and doing dishes uses more calories than sitting my ass in a chair and ordering off a menu.)

I guess it all adds up.