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Awww, I was soo touched!  Our friends, the ones that I was so worried were going to beat me up over my method of weight loss, bought us a special gift: a set of salad serving utensils with polished stones in the handles. Oh my gosh, they are so pretty, and they go in our kitchen so wonderfully!  So totally our style! They said they knew I was going to put them to good use! LOVE IT!

Tonight was the night we said good bye; our friends fly home in the morning.  I splurged a little more than I should have. Halibut and veggies and salad for dinner (that’s not bad), followed by a couple glasses of wine and *gasp* ice cream. I knew three bites into the ice cream that it will not sit well with me. That’s ok. I’m taking the hit, rolling with the punches, and back at it, full force, starting tomorrow morning. Weight was up again this morning, but that could have been due to the huge margarita last night at dinner. Or that lady thing. Whatever, the scale was up more than two pounds from before vacation started. I’ve been a bad girl.

Yep. I may have to do some serious penance for my non-primal sins this past week. I’m not going to beat myself up over it. It’s over, it’s done, time to move on. In a couple of weeks (hopefully less), I’ll have lost again what I gained back this week, and will continue moving downward. I will put those salad utensils to work, and I will get back on track.