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For the most part, I did ok. I’m certainly not going to beat myself up on my failures. There were a few meals that I did not follow a good paleo/primal diet. One of them, the cultural dinner Saturday night, was known ahead of time as a cheat meal. There were a few others here or there were a bit of dessert crept in. Such as a few bites of cheesecake (honestly, I split each order with someone else and didn’t even eat my full half!), or a fruit cobbler that was chosen for the fruit instead of ice cream, but turned out to be more brown sugar than anything else. I had several glasses of wine that probably didn’t help my cause, and my chicken dinner at the restaurant last night turned out to be breaded. Otherwise I tried to behave by choosing salad where possible, eggs for breakfast every day (no potatoes or toast), and water or unsweetened tea for every meal. I also substituted veggies for a starchy side where possible.

The scale was up a pound and a half this morning from where I was expecting it. But, I also have that “female thing” working against me this week. My trend is still showing a weak downward trend, so overall I’ll take it. Clothes feel pretty good, but we also did a LOT of walking this past week. I’ll see how the next week goes before I make a final assessment of the damage.

Regrets? None!  I had a great time with great people. If I can’t live my life and enjoy myself, then none of these efforts are worth it.

Oh, and my fears for potential conflict with our guests? Largely unfounded. I still got the cholesterol and calorie comments regarding bacon, or a burger, but I just rolled my eyes and smiled and tossed a comment back about the heavy triglyceride count in their meals. Maybe the weight loss and the good praise from the doctor were enough to deflect too many criticisms. Besides, I look damn good compared to last year’s visit. 😉