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Spring projects (and work) have left me fairly busy. I’ve done mostly ok sticking to the principles of paleo/primal eating the last week or so. I made a roast in the crock pot a few days ago – buffalo. Yum!  (A local grocery story gets buffalo a couple times per year. It’s expensive at well over $10 per pound, but it’s a nice splurge once in awhile. Hubby won’t eat it so I get it all to myself!) It simmered on low for about 6 hours with some red wine, almond flour and spices. That’s been my dinner for several nights here at work. Although, I have to admit, I’ve chased it with corn. We’ve been trying to clean out the bags of frozen veggies from the freezer, and that’s about all that’s left. Not perfect, but I haven’t regressed to cereal, sandwiches, pasta and candy bars, either.

What I haven’t been all that good about is exercising this week. At least, exercise in the sense of dedicated workouts. I have squeezed one extra bike ride in this week, and wow was that tough. Yep, uphill on gravel, and this time against a stronger wind. Will I learn?  Heck no! 🙂  I’ve forgotten what it felt like to get a stitch in your side. Hurt, but not for long! I’ve also squeezed in some push ups and squats, but nothing with the kettlebell and no time on the elliptical. Instead of “working out”, I’ve “worked”. Outside of my desk job, most of my time has been doing major spring cleaning in the house. Nearly every piece of furniture was moved, baseboards scrubbed, windows washed, and carpets shampooed. I’ve felt it. If the weather cooperated just a bit more, I can get the rest of my veggies planted in the garden and the yard mowed and trimmed. Oy. It’s getting to be a jungle out there.

Between the eats and the “exercise”, I guess I’m still doing ok. The 7-day trend from the scale still shows a 1lb loss per week. Still not fast enough, but I’ll take it. At least it isn’t going UP.