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Awww, my first paleo/primal blood test!  🙂  And I did it!  I stood my ground, and asked for the VAP test for particle size. It wasn’t that big of a deal, I just had to do some run-around to get the draw done. Doc’s office does the draw, sends to a local lab, which sends the blood to a real lab in a real city. But, for some strange reason which I cannot quite wrap my head around, the doc’s office couldn’t order the VAP. So I had to go to the local lab instead. No sweat. It’s not like I had to drive an hour to get this done; my town is decent size, but quite small by metropolitan standards.  I was just hungry. The tech was really good though. I never even felt the needle.

Anyway, I’ll have my results next week at my physical. Which is supposed to be yearly, but my last one was in 2008. OOops. But that’s what happens when I’m embarrassed and flustered and self-defeated by my lack of progress in the health department. I stick my head in the sand until I can’t breathe anymore, and then I get pissed to do something about it.