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How do you handle negativity regarding eating per a paleo/primal lifestyle?

Case in point: my husband and I will be spending time with some long distance friends very soon. My husband has had heart trouble (which I may one day cover on another post, maybe), so these friends are understandably very concerned about his health. They ask about his diet periodically, and of course, he eats most of what I eat. Last night, over Skype, our dinner was discussed. A comment was made about the many “grams of cholesterol” we just ate.

For the record, we ate at a steak place. I ate half of a ribeye, green beans and fresh veggies, no rolls. Hubs ate half of a half slab, green beans and mashed potatoes. But, since it isn’t chicken breast or fish….. When we got home, I had a couple spoonfuls of coconut bliss ice cream over blueberries. Hubs had a largish serving of ben and jerrys. Go figure.

Ugh. I’m not really looking forward to this. Even though we’ll be eating out, I’m going to eat as primal as I can, with substitutions if I have to. My husband probably won’t, he’s still working on it but still tends to eat pasta and sandwiches and the like. He’s also a sugar fiend, and loves drinking sweet tea, soda, and juice. Ice cream doesn’t last long in this house.

I’m somewhat armed. I know that the research shows that dietary saturated fat doesn’t correlate with heart disease. I know that sugars and starches are what lowers HDL, raises triglycerides, and creates more of the small dense LDL that sticks to the arteries. And, those are the markers for CHD, not “cholesterol”. I also know that not eating carbs and sugars and eating more saturated fats reverses that. Further, I know that LDL is not the total picture, and the calculation fails when measured triglycerides are under 100. (I’d find references and link to them this morning, but I’m too lazy.)

I’ll even have a blood test to prove it all. (Blood draw Tuesday morning, (not so) yearly physical next week. I’ll be asking for a VAP test.) Further, I have 25 pounds of fat loss to help, more than 30 pounds since my last weigh-in at the docs.

But I also know that arguing those points will be absolutely worthless to people who are more than convinced that cholesterol and saturated fat kills. It would be easier to convince Chicken Little that the sky isn’t falling. I’m also not a very good debater. I tend to start feeling like I’m being personally attacked, and I get pissy. The debate fails at that point.

So, how do you handle it when well-meaning friends and family get on your case about what you eat? I’m really looking for suggestions.