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Almost Memorial Day. Almost at our average date of last frost. But it’s been a cool spring, so I’m betting we have one or two frosts left. Doesn’t matter though, the garden marches on!

Last night after my bike ride, I braved the increasing wind to get lettuce in the ground. A friend gave me a 12 pack of leaf lettuce starts, and I got those into the ground except for one that had died. The lettuce I had started from seed is showing some sprouts, as is the spinach and carrots. It’s always gratifying to see those seedlings sprout. I’m always afraid that of all the seeds I drop in the ground, none of them will sprout.

I took the rest of the seedlings inside from the greenhouse last night. Not because I was afraid that they were going to freeze, but that the forecast looked quite windy overnight and today. My greenhouse is one of those little jobs on wheels. I have it bungee-corded to the deck railings, but really strong winds still move it around a bit. The last wind storm we had tilted it enough that the seedlings slid out from behind the plastic wall onto the deck floor. One of the poor tomatoes came out of its pot, which we fortunately found in the yard nearby. I didn’t want a repeat of that, so I took the plants indoors.

Finally, I started green bean seeds in the now-empty lettuce packs. The only thing left to start is beets, and those will go right in the ground.

If the weather chills out for the weekend (so to speak), I might be able to finish getting everything put together.