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Today turned out to be a beautiful day for a bike ride!  I was afraid the wind was going to be too strong, but it wasn’t so bad. At least, it wasn’t so bad in the somewhat sheltered areas. It was a pretty nice breeze in my face in the open areas. My chosen route was a wide gravel road, closed off to motorized traffic. It’s a lead-in area to a nicely developed (and mapped) trail system near town. I haven’t been near this area for several years, and it was good to be back to it.

What I had forgotten from my last trip though, is that going in from the parking area, it’s all uphill. Let me tell you, riding uphill, on gravel, against the wind, is a workout. Especially for a chunky out of shape gal like me. 😉 I had to stop several times to let my heart slow down a bit, catch a drink (thank you Camelbak) and my breath. It was like doing sprints, but I made that ride with a smile on my face the entire time.

I checked my path on Google Earth, and it’s right at a mile. Doesn’t seem like much, but it was a good start. I’d have gone much further had the route been paved and flat, but that’s not the point. I’m going to get to the point where that’s an easy ride. And then I’m going to start riding singletrack trails.