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I admit it. I love ice cream, and used to eat it regularly. Before I tried to truly adopt a paleo/primal way of eating, it was fairly common for me to have a nice big bowl, of course topped with chocolate syrup or some other overly sweet goodie and heaps of whipped cream (from a can). I used to be able to polish off a large sundae from Coldstone very easily. Sad, isn’t it?

Now that the weather is getting warmer, the desire for a sweet treat from the freezer has returned. What to replace it with?

I stumbled onto Coconut Bliss ice cream in the organic section of a local grocery store. The little pint says 4 servings, with 15 grams of sugar (agave nectar). As the brand would leave you to believe, it is made with coconut milk instead of cows milk.

Here is my recipe for a very satisying dessert. I had this last night, about an hour before I went to bed. Spoon out half of one serving of the Coconut Bliss (seriously I stretch the pint to about 8 servings) into a small bowl. Ramekin size. Doesn’t matter which flavor but I’m totally a chocolate gal. Add a small handful of berries. Blackberries were on sale, so I used those. Yum! Again, it probably doesn’t matter which kind. Heck, use a bit of some other fruit if you like. Drizzle some extra coconut milk, or if you can tolerate dairy, heavy whipping cream on top. Total volume of goodies is just about 1/2 cup.

Is it %100 strict? Probably not. But for a once in awhile treat to satisfy that sweet tooth? Sure is better than that pint of Ben and Jerrys or Haagen Dazs. I can keep it to once or twice a week, and it keeps me from sliding down the slippery craving slope.