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There are things in my life that just aren’t primal. Or paleo. Or anything related to a healthy lifestyle.

Chain BBQ sauce is one of them. We were out doing stuff, and my husband had a craving for BBQ. Oh it tasted good. But within the hour I had palpitations, and my skin got itchy. Next time, I’ll ask for my meat without sauce.  I was semi-smart and got the broccoli as a side, though I also had the coleslaw. God knows what was in that.  I’m a huge sucker for coleslaw, though. And it’s not like I do this often.

(Uh-oh. I hope I’m not starting a habit of justification. Since the scale isn’t moving, I can almost feel myself beginning to slide again. At least mentally.)

The other non-primal/paleo thing is shiftwork. If one of the primal tenets is to go to bed when it gets dark, and (hopefully) wake up naturally with the sun, it ain’t happenin’ in my life. At least not on an every day basis. This week, it was my turn for night shifts. (Happens roughly one a month.) The whole sleep schedule cortisol caffeine-dependency thing is not pleasant. It’s even worse when trying to transition back to a normal schedule. Thankfully my husband is extremely understanding, and does everything he can to help minimize my stress while I’m on nights, and tries to help maintain a quiet house while I’m sleeping.