Who got to go clothes shopping today?

That’s right. Me.

Who was able to fit into Columbia brand capris?

That’s right. Me.

To be fair, though, the capris are the plus sized version. How on earth I was able to find those, I don’t know. I have never seen Columbia brand plus sized clothing before. But there they were, and they FIT. First guess, right size. Score!

(I also have to note that I went clothes shopping not because I’ve shrunk out of what I’ve got, but all my capris and shorts from last summer are two sizes too big. Two sizes. I feel like I can stuff another person in there with me. It’s not fun mowing the lawn, and having to stop every lap to hitch up my shorts. Makes me feel like a clown.)

Usually I hate clothes shopping. Clothes are expensive. And no offense to women out there who like the styles, but plus sized clothing is UGLY. It’s all baggy poofy foo-froo stuff with frills and loud bright patterned colors that scream “look at the fat chick right here”. Stand out much?  As if the fact that I’m 60 pounds overweight isn’t obvious enough.

If I had my way, my entire wardrobe would be a combo of LLBean, Eddie Bauer and Lands End.

One of these days.

In the meantime, I take my victories where I can.  And long for the day when I will actually enjoy shopping for clothes, for real. I have a feeling that when I get to reasonable size, I could get myself into a lot of trouble.