The scale has plateaued. Dammit.  I’m not sure why, but I’m trying to introduce even more vegetables in my diet. Veggies with breakfast, and the addition of a salad for both lunch and dinner along with what I would usually eat.  What I should do is probably track everything I eat for a week or so, just to see if I’m not taking in too much hidden sugar. I may also need to back off on the Larabars (homemade and store-bought), though they are just so dang delish. (Note, it’s generally one per day; it’s not like I’m gorging on them).

That and more physical activity.  A couple days of wacky shifts have kept me off the elliptical.  This morning, however, was yard work.  Mowing plus trimming the lawn is quite a bit of work, since we have a decent sized plot.  The grass was extremely thick, considering we had a weekend full of rain followed by two full days of sunshine.  Our yard is gently sloped, and I try not to engage the self-propelled help on the mower.  So there was a bit of pushing involved. I have some weeding and mulching to do over the next couple of days as well.

And finally, I’m hoping that between today and tomorrow, I’ll be able to get most of my garden planted. I’ll have carrots, parsnips, pole beans, lettuce, and beets.  I have starts for tomatoes, and will be getting zucchini, cucumber, and a melon (I think) start as well.  Looking forward to fresh veggies in a couple of months, grown by my own hand.