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The twitter-sphere, particularly the paleo/primal folks, is fairly lit up this morning over this article from Medical News Today. The article basically states that LDL cholesterol may not be the villain it has been made out to be, and may actually be important for tissue repair and strength training. I know that it has to be simplified for people to get the basics, but I think the article may be missing out on some important details. One is certainly true: more research is needed.

The glaring thing that stood out for me was that there was no mention of LDL particle size. For instance, we know from various sources (here, here, and here for a few examples) that particle size was the greater determinant factor in whether or not someone was heading toward (or was already at) an unhealthy heart state. This article mentions nothing related to particle size.

I would be interested in seeing a copy of the entire article, rather than a news-byte snippet of it. That said, I’m encouraged that the news is getting out. I’m supposed to schedule my yearly physical for later this month, and I will be pushing for a particle size test, in addition to the standard lipids. I’m curious how the results will look, especially compared to my last blood test (um, 3 years ago). By the time I’m ready for the fasting blood draw, I’ll be 3 1/2 months into eating paleo/primal.  Good or bad, the results will be posted here.