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I have a confession to make.  I have been overweight for so long, I have no idea what I should look like. I have no idea what I should weigh, and no idea what size clothes would fit a healthy me.

So, since I keep track of my weight (every day, yes I know I know), my handy little program on my phone also keeps track of my BMI. (It was extremely gratifying to move from class III obese to class II obese, as it will be to move to class I obese hopefully sometime this month.) Knowing those things, I can run a few calculators to get my body fat percentage.

It’s an estimated 46%, by the way. When I first saw that number come up on the calculator, I just about died.  Because by my estimation, that would mean I would need to lose just about 100 more pounds, NOT the 55 I’m currently sitting at to get to the number my doc plucked out of the air 4 years ago (when it was 110).  And I really couldn’t imagine myself that tiny. Those numbers seemed so… fat.

Then I realized that losing 100 pounds would mean I would be at 0% body fat, which is impossible. Well, maybe it’s possible, but I’m fairly certain that it ain’t healthy.

So I recalculated based on a 25% body fat percentage, and got a goal that would indicate a 70 pound loss.

Considering that I truly am a big-boned gal, I’m back to thinking that my current 55 pound goal isn’t that out of range after all.  You know, estimating.  Maybe the doc knew what he was talking about?  (Yes, the last time I saw him, he suggested I back off on bread and pasta. I eventually nearly eliminated them.)

That kind of weight loss should put me at or very close to a very reasonable size 14, sort of based on how often I’ve had to buy new jeans. Hell, wasn’t Marilyn Monroe supposedly a size 16?   Oooh, sexy sexy me.


Wonder what I’ll look like?