My husband and I had the quick debate yesterday while running errands about what we should grab to eat while we were out. He wanted Arbys. The only thing I can have there is a salad, and I sure as heck wasn’t about to pay $7 for a fast food salad. It just seems a colossal waste to me.  I was tempted, because right at that nano-second, a roast beef sandwich and curly fries sounded really good.  But I tried to be good, really I did.

So we settled on Chinese take-out.  There’s a tasty little buffet place about 3 minutes drive from the house, so we grabbed some on the way home.  My only complaint is that 2/3 of what they give you is rice, but hey, it’s only like $6 for a huge meal even with all that rice.  And like I said, it’s tasty. They give you a lot, too. Even hungry, there’s generally enough for leftovers.  I tried to grab the healthiest looking stuff: steamed rice, beef/broccoli and mushroom chicken.

Though it didn’t make me feel nasty, I noticed this morning.  My scale was up.  Not much, but up. I didn’t eat much rice, maybe 1/2 cup?  So there must be something in the sauce that causes a blip on the scale.  This isn’t the first time this has happened.  We’ve had take-out from this place a few times since I got serious about this, and each time, I get a blip on the scale.  Not much, but enough.  I doubt it was dinner last night (sausage/sauerkraut), though I suppose my beloved polish sausage (the real stuff, not the packaged stuff from the store) may have enough nitrates and fillers in it to do it, too.

Ah well, it’s ok.  This is the part where I don’t beat myself up, right?  I mean, I enjoy the take-out.  My husband likes it. It was probably better than a fast-food stop for a burger or roast beef sandwich. I can count it in my 20% and move on, right? (I think next time, I’ll take my lumps and have Five Guys for my 20%. Oh god, those fries. If I’m going to cheat, I might as well make it worth it!)