I really wish I could convince everyone I know that THIS is the way to eat and live.  I’ve got diabetic parents (a T1 and a T2), and I know for sure the T2 could improve with a primal/paleo lifestyle. They live far away though, so they haven’t really SEEN my progress (other than through a crappy webcam).  It might be a little harder for them to drift from the conventional wisdom their doctors are telling them, too.

Yesterday, I went a little shorter with sleep than I would have liked.  Got an early call from work because they needed extra help. Hey, couldn’t we all use a little extra cash?  So in I went. Scarfed down a couple of eggs (topped with sriracha sauce yum), and grabbed a cup of coffee on my way in. Snack at work was some berries in coconut milk (wow that was yum) and a larabar. Got some (not a lot, but some) “lifting heavy things” at the garden center and home improvement big box purchasing bags of compost, mulch, pea gravel and river rocks for several different landscape and home garden projects.  We need many more bags of rocks, but I knew we were out of room in the back of the vehicle. I also didn’t know how many more I would need. Work on those things continue today once it warms up a bit more outside, plus a couple other projects.  Looks like it’ll be a mostly sunny day, so I’m looking forward to getting some fresh air, exercise and Vitamin D! Dinner was a trip to Texas Roadhouse for a ribeye, salad and green beans.  Before I went to bed, I had one square of a 72% cocoa bar. (I used to be able to snarf several candy bars a day. Now one square is enough. Regular candy bars make me ill now.)

And the scale was down again today. I LOVE THIS!  Not hungry, slowly getting thinner, slowly getting fitter.  (Emphasis on the slow. I’m learning patience, too.) I just wish my cardio function was a bit better. A short jog through a parking lot, or chasing the dog around the house, or a quick run up or down the stairs makes me feel way out of breath, a bit lightheaded, and my heart thump like a runaway train. I do recover fairly quickly though. I keep telling myself that it’ll get better as more weight comes off and I continue to gain productive energy and am physically able to do more. I really should get my bicycle tuned up for the year so that I can get out and ride as the weather warms up. In the meantime, I’ll keep going with basic bodyweight exercises and kettlebell sets for strength. (And gardening!)